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What is MIDIART?

MIDIART is a computer software application that creates a totally new audio-visual experience on today's personal computers. It allows you, for the first time, to actually "see" music as you are listening to it. It does this by converting the musical events pre-recorded in standard MIDI files, into visual events on the computer screen in real time.

MIDIART performs a continuous musical to visual transformation. The result of this transformation is beautiful psychedelic computer graphic images which flow in synchronization with the MIDI based music.

Seeing graphic images derived from music is quite interesting, but the real power of MIDIART lies in its uniquely interactive features. While using MIDIART, you have complete control over many aspects of both the music and the graphic images that are produced from it. MIDIART is not simply a passive experience like most "Screen Saver" programs. With MIDIART, you become an active audio-visual artist, capable of molding the images to fit the mood of the music.

MIDIART: Past and Present

The first MIDIART application was a program designed to play standard MIDI files and create graphic images from the musical information contained in these files. This software evolved into another program called MIDIART Live! MIDIART Live could not only transform MIDI music contained in MIDI files, it could also transform MIDI music being played live by real on-stage musicians, and it could do both at the same time.

Over time, the author of MIDIART realized that would be nice to package a MIDIART performance (MIDI music AND graphics) into a single file that could be viewed by anyone with a Windows or Window 95 PC. This is the concept behind the new MIDIWorks Player program. (Please read on...)

In order to pay for the development of these MIDART products, the author began distributing MIDIART and MIDIART Live! as Shareware. Unfortunately, revenues were below expectations, so the author has decided to convert the software to Freeware. The software is now Freeware because the author wants to make it available to the public for the publics enjoyment, continue on with product development, and not be bothered by sales and marketing issues. As Freeware, the author is letting the public use the software without charge, but still maintains the software copyright. The author asks that you do not repackage or distribute the software available on this Web page in any way for profit without express written consent.

Todays MIDIART Products

Today the author is supporting and developing two main products, MIDIART Live! and the new MIDIWorks Player. MIDIART Live! can be used by both professional and amateur musicians in on-stage performances to create a unique multimedia presentation. It can also be used to create special MIDIWork files. A MIDIWork file contains one or more MIDI files along with other information used by the MIDIWorks Player program to re-create a pre-recorded MIDIART Live performance on any Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 PC. (Equipped with the appropriate hardware.) MIDIWork files can be placed on Web pages to allow anyone with a copy of the MIDIWorks Player to view a unique MIDIART performance.

For more details, select one of the following:

The MIDIWorks Player



MIDIART Snapshots

Take a look at a small sample of the psychedelic images MIDIART can produce.

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